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Luna Sopor releases new album ‘Cobalt’

Luna Sopor - Cobalt

Luna Sopor returns with their second full length studio album entitled ‘Cobalt’ available for digital download on Saturday, November 15th 2014.

Luna Sopor was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area by Jeff Janow and Troy Szabo while working together in 2008. The Bay Area-based four piece released it’s eponymously titled debut album in 2011, which was recorded at the famous Golden Gate Studio in San Francisco, and the album has received a good amount of radio airplay and critical acclaim.

The Luna Sopor sound is perpetually evolving, and many of the recent augmentations were actually driven by the many comments, requests, and interactions with the band’s fans at live shows as well as on their social networks. The most recent and notable enhancement, is that the band was joined by Jayne D. on vocals, whom brings a heavy, rock present, and emotionally charged performance to Luna Sopor’s vocal structure and chorus harmonies.

Luna Sopor has just completed the release of their second studio album entitled ‘Cobalt’. This latest release was recorded and mixed with Zack Phillips at Freq Lab Recording in Motor Studio, San Francisco. It consists of eleven hard rocking songs.

Jeff Janow, lead guitarist and primary songwriter says of the new release, “Cobalt is a bit harder sounding musically than our last Album. It’s hard rocking stuff, smoking hot tracks “Future” “Cake” and “Candy Crush” are taking it up to a level in that the new music has totally eclipsed our last album. However, we were also able to bring up the dynamics to include a few commercially approachable songs such as “City of Lights” and “North Star”.” Bassist Troy Szabo added “With this album, as with our last, we have a deep desire to share positive conscious messages.”

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  • troyszabo

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to our new album ‘Cobalt’. We put our heart and soul into making it. I believe that music should be as free to listen to as possible. I also believe that in order for artists to survive and create, their audiences need to step up and directly support them. 
If you enjoyed the music or if you feel compelled to support our art, please consider buying the album. Thank you so much! – Troy

  • Senior Frog

    Love you guys…..livin the dream. Bug Ups to all of you, so proud~. Troy, Jeff, Marie, and of course Erin. You guys fuckin rock!

    • troyszabo

      Thanks for listening @seniorfrog:disqus!

  • Jasun

    Sounds great!

    • troyszabo

      Thanks a lot for listening Jasun.