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Backstage Vibe Interview – Luna Sopor : Cobalt

Backstage Vibe Interview - Luna Sopor : Cobalt

December 9, 2014 Backstage Vibe Interview – Luna Sopor : Cobalt

Backstage Vibe Interview – Luna Sopor : Cobalt
New Music: Rock band Luna Sopor announces their latest singles from of their new album Cobalt!

[BSV] Tell us about your band. Who is in it? Where you’re from? What kind of music you play? How did you get your name? How did you all meet and get together?

Luna Sopor was formed in 2008 by Troy Szabo, Jeff Janow, and Marie Szabo in San Francisco, California – United States. Jeff and Troy worked together at that time and wanted to create a band that allowed them to combine diverse influences from Rock, Punk, and Metal Music. Luna Sopor’s music is often characterized as having driving Rock guitars with powerful female lead vocals. People sometimes compare Luna Sopor to a hybrid sound or style such as No Doubt meets Social Distortion. We recorded our first album in 2011, it was Rock and Classic Rock sounding, and a couple of our songs, Vertigo and My Demise, really connected with Our Fans. Our latest Album is entitled Cobalt, and it is much more towards a Hard Rock and Punk musical style, coupled with powerful female lead vocals. For this album, we chose Jane D., because she brings a growling rock sound that is appropriate to our musical style. However, Luna Sopor’s sound is always evolving, and we really value the fan interaction with us, at our shows and on our social networks, because it has helped us to visualize, create, and evolve.

[BSV] Who does most of the writing for your band? What inspires you all to do what you do?

Jeff Janow writes all of the music and usually has a good sense of the general direction and how a track should come together and be produced. We usually share in the lyric writing duties. We seem to do our best lyrical work when writing the lyrics together as a group. Hmmm, what inspires us? Well, Jeff claims to have an uncanny psychic connection with his cat who tells him what to write. Troy sees this project as cheaper than buying a corvette and getting a girlfriend half his age. And, Marie is an unwilling hostage forced into indentured servitude as drummer for the band. As for Jane, her current whereabouts is unknown. However, the last we heard, she was up in the Arctic Circle, on some kind of environmentalist mission that builds Igloos for Penguins.

[BSV] What are some of the highlights from the past year? Is there anything you all are working on now or looking forward to?

We just got out of the studio. We finished recording and mixing our second full length album entitled ‘Cobalt’. We are on a mission to get our new music into as many people’s ears as possible. We are planning a tour in support of our ‘Cobalt’ album this summer, and we are hoping to get into a few of the rock-friendly summer festivals in Europe. We are also working on shooting music videos for some of the songs on the Cobalt album.

[BSV] What is making music to you?

Making music is a tremendous opportunity to contribute to something that inevitably becomes more interesting than any one single contribution. It is the ability to participate in and help create art that is infinite and timeless. It is a fabulous opportunity to share a part of ourselves with other people. And, it is also much cheaper than therapy, which one of us won’t do, because “they will take away his gun rights”.

[BSV] What do you all do for fun when you’re not making or playing music?
Beer, Concerts, Travel, Movies, Camping, Hiking, and did I mention Beer?

[BSV] If you each had to pick your ‘coolest thing in the world’, what would it be?

Jeff: I can rationalize pretty much anything, and at the same time I can also create an impossible paradox with only a pair of twigs and a book of matches. So, the coolest thing for me is often the gritty, pervasive, and undeniable details and lessons of World History.

[BSV] Anything else we should know about you or your band?

We are Coffee fanatics, big time! So if on any given day, you were to ask me who my favorite person is, I would probably respond that it is the hot little barista at Starbucks that just hooked me up with my Quadra-Latte!

[BSV] What is one thing you’ve learned during your career in music?

Any advice for people starting out in the industry? We have learned that an open mind is required to accomplish anything. We have had to learn to adapt and overcome our problems and individual challenges. And ultimately, we understand that patience and resolve are essential qualities not just in music, but when working with other people in general.

If we had to give any advice to those just starting out we say:

  1. Work hard and be grateful for the opportunities that come your way.
  2. Don’t be a diva… No one likes a diva.
  3. When you have an opportunity, you hit the ball out of the park!
  4. NEVER take NO for an answer.

About the Band

Luna Sopor was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area by Jeff Janow and Troy Szabo while working together in 2008. Luna Sopor has many diverse elements in their Music that culminate into a flowing, punchy, and often heavy stylistic Rock Sound. Characterized by driving Guitars and powerful Female Lead Vocals, Luna Sopor’s music melds Rock, Punk, and elements of Metal into a mesmerizing whole. The Bay Area-based four piece band released its eponymously titled debut album in 2011, which was recorded at the famous Golden Gate Studio in San Francisco. The album has received a good amount of radio airplay and critical acclaim. Luna Sopor has just completed the release of their second studio album entitled COBALT (released 11/15/2014). The latest album was recorded at Motor Studio in San Francisco. It consists of 11 hard rocking songs, and the band is very proud and also excited to finally be able to share their new album with Rock Fans globally.


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December 9, 2014 Backstage Vibe Interview – Luna Sopor : Cobalt